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Euronet виртуализирует карточную систему на платформе Red Hat

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  • Customer: Euronet Services India Pvt. Limited (Subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc.)
  • Industry: eCommerce – online financial transaction
  • Geography: Pan India
  • Business Challenge: To consolidate hardware resources to build a platform that is flexible, secure, scalable, high-performance, and cost-effective
  • Solution: Migrated business-critical Card Management application from Microsoft Windows to a virtualized platform on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Software: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, SQL Server database, Microsoft Windows Server operating system
  • Hardware: Intel Quad-core Nehalem processor-based servers from Dell
  • Benefits: Achieved increased flexibility and choice by freeing the organization from vendor lock-in, decreased hardware and power costs, simplified management, reduced systems maintenance, increased scalability and performance, improved server utilization, and improved business agility

“Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization not only reduced our operational costs, but more importantly made our business more agile to rapidly respond to ever-changing business needs. It also helped us to build an ideal infrastructure platform for the future.”

Ashish Mehta, director, IT & Infrastructure for Asia Pacific & Middle East, Euronet Worldwide Inc

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The first application that Euronet chose for implementing on the Red Hat virtualization platform was its Card Management Application. “Being a standalone application, it was ideal to start with,” said Mehta. “Although standalone, it is quite a transaction-heavy application. So, the performance expectations were huge,” he added. The application was also directly impacting the company’s top line. “If lesser transactions take place due to performance bottlenecks then it would lead to direct revenue loss for Euronet,” said Mehta.

The overall performance of the system with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is excellent. “With Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, we now get at least 20-25% faster performance from the same application that was earlier running on the Microsoft Windows platform,” said Mehta.

Euronet’s IT team also benefited from Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization’s Live Migration and System Scheduler features, which automatically move running virtual machines between hosts and continuously load balance the virtual machines on their resource usage. “This makes the manageability of the system very simple,” said Mehta. “These features have made Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization a change-friendly solution as migration and load balancing happens seamlessly,” he adds.

In the near future, Euronet plans to move its more critical standalone applications to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. “The next application in line for virtualization is our Mobile Recharge Application, where we expect its performance to enhance from the current 200,000 transactions per day to around 500,000 transactions per day in the next two years,” said Mehta. “Other similar applications, such as MIS application,s are also in our virtualization pipeline,” he added.

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