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Скандинавский сервис провайдер внедряет Zimbra на платформе VMware для хостинга почтовых услуг

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Пример совместного внедрения Zimbra Collaboration Suite и VMware сервис провайдером в Скандинавии (репост из блога Zimbra):

Nordic Service Provider TDC Deploys Zimbra on VMware

TDC logoZimbra partner Nordicmind, recently published a case study on service provider TDC and their hosted business email deployment powered by Zimbra.  TDC is a leading telephony, internet, communications, and hosting solutions provider operating in Finland, Norway, and Denmark and specializes in services for businesses; in 2009 it generated $6.6 billion US in revenue with 11.7 million total customers.

Nordicmind logo

It’s great seeing partners like Nordicmind take on these larger, and often more intricate, deployments and yet another indicator of how strong the Zimbra partner ecosystem has become.  There are now over 1000 VAR, HSP and distribution partners and many more on the way as our relationship with VMware flourishes.

It’s also worth noting this deployment not only entailed an upgrade to a modern collaboration platform but also a move toVMware ESX at the same time.  Zimbra and VMware together offer service providers the optimal blend of advanced features, rapid scalability and redundancy they require to operate mission critical cloud services.    More and more we are seeing hosting and service providers leading the charge into virtualization as the benefits become clear.

In fact, in a recent Zimbra Forum poll 38.6% of respondents claimed they are already running Zimbra on VMware which means a lot of organizations are seeing the light!

Read more in the TDC and Nordicmind case study (pdf).

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