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Материалы о продуктах и примеры внедрения решений по управлению контентом на базе Alfresco

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Как известно, с 1 марта в продуктовом портфеле VDEL появилась компания Alfresco – ведущий поставщик систем для управления корпоративным контентом (Enterprise Content Management – ECM) на базе Открытого ПО.

В этой связи партнерам VDEL и их клиентам может оказаться полезной информация по ссылкам из следующей подборки. Мы также начали перевод ряда материалов на Русский и будем их публиковать по мере готовности.

Alfresco на сайте VDEL

Роль Alfresco в ИТ-платформе VDEL

Официальный сайт Alfresco

Alfresco Implementation Best Practices

По опыту внедрений в:

Private Investment Bank

North London Waste Authority

Your Day Out (Travel)

Financial Services Firm

Автоматизация процесса «Обработка страховых убытков» в компании РОСНО на основе Alfresco и других технологий BPM/SOA (BI Telecom)

Allianz Australia removes walls of paper with open source ECM

After a three-month evaluation process, Allianz selected the open source Alfresco ECM with support from local IT consultancy Lateral Minds.

“Our key criteria were cost, agility, capability, technology fit, integration options, and functionality, Rynne said. “The factors that helped Alfresco were the presence of former Documentum people in the Alfresco team, the Alfresco community, the existence of the enterprise edition in addition to the community edition, and local support is available to us.”

As an insurance company, Rynne said whether software is open source is not something that drives IT as the organisation is “a bit conservative”, but there has been some momentum around open source which has “taken a different lifestyle in recent years”

Alfresco Case Study: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

After a careful study of open source products, it was decided that Alfresco)s Enterprise Content
Management system provided the most complete solution, meeting all of KLM)s requirements. The Alfresco platform had the ability to scale to meet KLM)s large install base without creating additional IT complexity.

”We looked at a few different open source products but Alfresco was the only product that met all of our business and technology needs. The other
solutions were always missing at least one piece of the requirement”.
Pieter Janssen, Chief Architect at KLM

KLM conducted a three-month pilot using Alfresco in order to evaluate product functionality and technical integration with the company)s use of Portal and Tivoli Access Manager. With the successful pilot underway, the IT organization was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the
Alfresco solution. As a result, KLM business groups were eager to implement the solution.

KLM worked in conjunction with Accenture and Alfresco business partner, Westernacher, on both the Alfresco pilot and implementation. KLM began the full implementation in early 2008. The group chose to implement Alfresco)s Web interface providing users with Web access to the document repository from any Internet connection.

Alfresco Case Study: Cisco
Led by Operations Manager Holly Howe, the Cisco IBSG team did their homework and extensively researched Alfresco, as well as competing technologies. Through this research, Alfresco stood out as the solution with the broadest range of technical capabilities and the best feedback from users. In addition to demonstrating a promising roadmap for collaboration tools, Alfresco was highly attractive from a cost perspective, compared to the proprietary products offered by other ECM vendors. Alfresco had a great reputation among users and we were impressed with the range of capabilities that we saw in demos,: said Howe. 9Cost was also one
of our major concerns. By using Alfresco, we were able to deliver on all the features and functionality our team needed without a hefty price tag.

Alfresco Case Study: Molecular NeuroImaging

MNI selected Alfresco Enterprise because it provides a robust document management solution at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise solutions. Alfresco’s open architecture allowed MNI to create a flexible solution that mapped directly to their business process and seamlessly integrate with MNI’s existing infrastructure. Alfresco captures, shares and retains content, enabling MNI to version, search and build their own content applications. As a result MNI was able to build a dynamic document management application to store content, edit forms, validate the accuracy of information, create new forms as needed, route documents for approvals
and to track documents within the system.

Alfresco Case Study: Swisscom Mobile Labs

Корпоративный электронный архив на базе Alfresco и Adobe LiveCycle ES (Tesla Distribution)

Решения компании КОРУС Консалтинг на базе Alfresco

Решения компании Saledex на базе Alfresco

Решения компании “Интегратор открытых технологий” на базе Alfresco


Техническая информация

Русскоязычный форум по Alfresco

Information Lifecycle Management for Alfresco
In recent years the demands for the management of information has been growing
on two sides: on one side is the increasing volume of accumulated content
in the company (e.g. by technical innovations like E-Mail, web 2.0 technologies
like wikis and blogs, etc.), and on the other side are the legal demands for the
long time storage of this content. Also, storage is a scarce commodity that
should be used efficiently and to full capacity. Information Lifecycle Management for
Alfresco enables your organisation to apply these seemingly conflicting demands to an integrated solution

Alfresco Content Services for IBM Lotus

Managing Alfresco Content from within Microsoft Office

This tutorial introduces using Microsoft Office to manage your Alfresco content in Enterprise
Edition 3.2r. Microsoft SharePoint Protocol technology enables Content Management (CM) to be used within Microsoft Office applications. The Content Management functionality mirrors that of SharePoint. There are several ways to work with the SharePoint features of Microsoft Office. This tutorial highlights these features, including what Alfresco Share does and does not support. Differences between the Alfresco support and the standard SharePoint integration are identified for users already familiar with SharePoint. The audience for this tutorial is users of Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 on Windows. The procedures are documented using Microsoft Office 2007 only.

Alfresco Web Content Management
Alfresco Web Content Management (WCM) was designed to meet todays needs. It allows
management of content and code and is runtime independent. It is designed with Web 2.0-like
functionality in mind, such as User-Generated Content, AJAX, and Social Networking Applications.

Alfresco ECM & Sun Storage 7000 Benchmarks

Alfresco & Micro Strategies Introduce Alfresco Application Extension for High-Volume Document Capture
LONDON, UK June 22, 2009 Alfresco Software, Inc., the leader in open source enterprise
content management (ECM), and partner Micro Strategies Inc., today announced the availability of an Alfresco application extension, the Alfresco Kofax Release Script, which provides integration with Kofax Capture to enable high-end document scanning and capture.

Learning Alfresco Forms Service by Examples

Installing Alfresco on Red Hat Linux
The installation wizard for Red Hat Linux installs the basic software and components that you
require for running Alfresco.

Using Multilingual Features in Alfresco

Alfresco provides a way of managing multilingual documents and information that is unique to
Enterprise Content Management Systems. Through it, you can maintain multiple translations of
documents in an intuitive way, while the complexities of this are completely transparent to the
consumer of the documents. Furthermore, multilingual text can be used for metadata (content
properties) to ensure that all knowledge workers and consumers can work most effectively in their preferred language. In this document, we introduce the multilingual capabilities through a simple tutorial walk-through that you can follow yourself.

Глобальные тренды на российском рынке СЭД (Мария Попова, Старший аналитик CNews, 17/04/2009)

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