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Материалы для партнеров, использующих EnterpriseDB

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Некоторые полезные материалы для партнеров, использующих EnterpriseDB. Мы работаем над переводом ряда маркетинговых материалов, но пока рекомендую пользоваться первоисточником.



High Availability Database Solutions for PostgreSQL & Postgres Plus
Competition and around the clock demand for information challenges IT to ensure mission critical databases are highly available (HA).

Postgres Plus and JBoss: A New Division of Labor for New Enterprise Applications
True Web 2.0: Read this White Paper and learn how Postgres Plus and JBoss work together to better service the needs of Web 2.0 apps.

Breaking the Scalability Barrier with Infinite Cache
The cost of acquiring and maintaining higher-capacity servers is forcing IT organizations to search for more affordable alternative solutions. This white paper details the cost-saving benefits of EnterpriseDB’s Infinite Cache™ solution, which revolutionizes distributed cache management on commodity blade server hardware by substantially increasing the amount of memory available to hold data, including entire databases, with outstanding performance.


Postgres Plus Standard Server
Go open! Learn how to boost your scalability and usability with the Postgres Plus Standard Server professional open-source database.


Postgres Plus Advanced Server
Get the scoop! See the detailed Release Notes on the latest version of Postgres Plus Advanced Server v8.3 Release 2.


Database Worst Practices: The Top 5 Mistakes Developers Make
Applications today are growing more and more complex, and with that comes increased risk of errors. Listen in as EnterpriseDB experts discuss the "Top 5" mistakes that developers make and how to avoid them.

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