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Опыт использования Zimbra в University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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image На прошедшем в сентябре Red Hat Summit было представлено несколько примеров внедрения Zimbra Collaboration Suite. В общей обзорной презентации подробно описан опыт Университета Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • 50,000+ почтовых ящиков (сотрудники, преподаватели, студенты)
  • До перехода использовали MS Exchange и Novell GroupWise на Windows, Cyrus/Sendmail на Linux
  • Мигрировали 4 среды Exchange & 3 среды GroupWise

image image :


  • University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee; Zimbra


  • Higher education; technology (software)


  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sunnyvale, California

Business challenge

  • The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee needed to replace an aging email system with a new platform that would provide innovative collaboration solutions to their 50,000 accounts Software Red Hat Enterprise Linux; Zimbra Collaboration Suite Benefits Reduced IT administration and support costs by standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as primary campus operating system; By migrating the existing email system to Zimbra Collaboration Suite, UWM improved communication and collaboration among students, faculty and staff and provided a single integrated calendar and email solution; increased focus on student retention by providing tools to manage their academic and personal schedules and stay connected with faculty
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