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Вебинар Управление ИТ-инфраструктурой при помощи Red Hat Network Satellite

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Red Hat Network Satellite представляет собой систему централизованного управления ИТ-инфраструктурой на базе Red Hat Enterprise Linux (развертывание, обновления, конфигурирование и мониторинг).

Red Hat Network

Может работать в hosted режиме (в облаке Red Hat) или устанавливаться в корпоративной сети предприятия.

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Содержание вебинара:

Do your Linux systems seem like they are out of control? Do you feel as if you are constantly fighting fires and never able to catch up? As the number of your Linux systems grow, the cost and complexity of managing them can increase exponentially. Hidden costs resulting from manual administration of servers, configuration files and software updates add up quickly and unexpectedly. Tools and scripts that worked well when you were smaller, just don’t scale to where you want and need to be.

Red Hat NetworkHow can you take back control? You need a systems management platform that was designed to manage Enterprise Linux, allowing you to automate and centralize management functions. Imagine being able to patch hundreds of systems in minutes, or provision a new server in minutes. Red Hat Network Satellite is built from the ground up to manage Enterprise Linux. It is a systems management platform that’s affordable and provides centralized and automated: patch management, provisioning, configuration management and monitoring.

During this webinar we will demonstrate the power and control that Red Hat Network Satellite provides systems administrators, streamlining and simplifying the management of your Linux environment. Sr. Product Marketing Manager Chris Wells will show you how you can get more administrative work done in less time, with the right tools. Red Hat Network Satellite makes Linux scalable and manageable without breaking your budget, join us on December 15 to learn more.

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    [...] Подписка дает доступ без дополнительной оплаты к автоматизированному сервису по распространению и установке обновлений и новых версий. Так же Red Hat Network поддерживает расширенные возможности по управлению вашей ИТ-инфраструктурой. [...]

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