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UK SharePoint Team : Virtualizing SharePoint Series – Introduction

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Интересно, что в своих рекомендациях по виртуализации SharePoint Microsoft Consulting UK ничего не имееют против VMware Virtual Infrastructure J Да, конечно, они рекомендуют Hyper-V, но мы то знаем на чем делаются серьезные проекты ;-)

Although Microsoft recommends Hyper V, other products, such as VMware and ESX Server technology, do a fantastic job. The purpose of this series is not to compare these products, but rather to provide guidance to help teams using any certified virtualization product implement SharePoint in the best way possible.

ИМХО лишний раз будет невредно вспомнить и про поддержку:

Is SharePoint virtualization supported?

One of the first questions my customers ask when considering virtualization is “Is SharePoint supported in a virtualized environment?” This question breaks down into two questions that need to be answered. 

  1. Is SharePoint technology supported in a virtualized environment at all?
  2. Is my chosen virtualization vendor’s technology supported?

The SharePoint and windows product team announced support for virtualization of SharePoint on Windows using a number of virtualization products. From a Microsoft perspective, Virtual Server 2005  and Hyper V are fully supported. Third party products, such as VMWare, are also supported via the Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). This is  fantastic news for the enterprises with existing investments in virtualization products, such as VMWARE ESX virtualization stack. Here are links to the official statements on Microsoft websites:

UK SharePoint Team : Virtualizing SharePoint Series – Introduction

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