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VMware и Avocent

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VMwareНедавно мы встречались с главой представительства Avocent в России и СНГ Юрием Колесовым. Avocent предлагает в числе многих решения для управления физическими системами и виртуальными средами VMware через единую консоль. Если у партнеров и заказчиком будет интерес к совместному использованию наших технологий, то мы готовы его поддержать и развить. Обращайтесь!

Управление виртуализированным центром обработки данных. Предложение Avocent для сред VMware

image Server Consolidation and Containment with Virtual Infrastructure and Avocent

ISV Overview
Avocent is a leading provider of in-and out-of-band IT infrastructure management solutions for today’s multi-technology environments.

Key Business Needs
To control costs and optimize uptime, data center managers must be able to:
• Quickly, easily, and securely manage virtual machines from anywhere, any time
• Manage virtual machines in a common manner with physical servers
• Stay on top of an increasingly dynamic server environment

Key Business Benefits
Avocent DSView 3 software uniquely provides anywhere/anytime remote access to both virtual and physical infrastructure resources from a common, intuitive management interface. By providing out-of band connectivity to managed devices, it uniquely ensures that access—even in the event of network and/or OS failures.

Business Results
DSView 3 software enables IT organizations to:
• Lower TCO for virtual and physical infrastructure
• Discover, diagnose, and resolve problems faster
• Boost staff productivity
• Better scale VMware deployment
• Reduce foot-traffic in the data center
• More granularly control access authorization

VMware and Avocent
Avocent’s solutions let technicians solve problems from anywhere—so they can keep critical business services up and running—while slashing the cost of maintaining a virtual infrastructure.

DSView® 3 management software
DSR® KVM-over-IP switches
Cyclades® ACS advanced console servers
MergePoint® service processor manager
Cyclades® PM power manage

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