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VMware and CA: Making the Most of Virtualization

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imageCA недавно объявил о более тесно интеграции CA Unicenter ASM с платформой VMware vCenter. Документ с описанием видения и возможностей CA доступен здесь.

Если у кого-то имеется опыт совместного использования продуктов CA и VMware или есть такая потребность, напишите в комментариях.

By using a combination of VirtualCenter and CA Unicenter ASM you can visualize and
manage logical entities as easily and as well as physical entities, enabling you to:
• Dynamically map virtual system resources to business processes
• Ensure that critical systems are not deprived of required resources
• Realize greater value from the virtualized environment
• Manage common problems, such as virtual sprawl
• Reduce IT costs, by ensuring that current IT investments are fully optimized
• Treat your data center as a single pool of processing, storage and networking power

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