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Хостинг на девятом облаке

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CloudNine ArchitectureНа VMworld 2008 VMware объявила о начале сотрудничества с более чем 100 ведущих хостеров ИТ-инфраструктуры (BT, Rackspace, SAVVIS, Sungard, T-Systems, Verizon Business…) в рамках инициативы vCloud. Идея состоит в том, что бы дать предприятиям в идеале возможность легко переносить свою инфраструктуру между собственными ЦОД и “облаком” (ЦОД на стороне поставщиков хостинговых услуг) за счет стандартизации на виртуальной инфраструктуре VMware.

Вот, например, как выглядит подобный сервис у, the first name in global hosting solutions and services, today announced its public release of CloudNine – a cloud computing environment that provides intuitive, scalable business solutions. Showcased at VMware’s (NYSE: VMW) VMWorld 2008,’s CloudNine provides immediate cloud computing for businesses of all sizes with high availability, dynamic scalability, and reduced compute costs. released a private CloudNine beta to select businesses and organizations earlier this year.’s general release beta is available now through November 30, 2008. Organizations that sign up for the beta will receive a production-ready virtual machine in CloudNine that is scalable, flexible and efficient. The beta machines will be free for 90 days, and can seamlessly transition into larger, complex hosted solutions during or after the beta.

Many enterprise companies and those in the SMB space are searching for opportunities to partially move their hosted infrastructure into a cloud-platform and others are looking to completely move to a cloud computing infrastructure to capitalize on the advantages cloud computing provides. Through its involvement in the new VMware vCloud initiative, is working with VMware and other leading technology providers to create standard APIs and services to allow organizations of all sizes to seamlessly extend their traditional IT infrastructures into the cloud. also offers private cloud solutions for clients that require a dedicated, single-tenant environment. “Over the past 12 months, has successfully designed and deployed custom Cloud environments that include ESX Clusters with tailored processing, memory and redundant storage for clients seeking greater compute efficiencies,” noted Jonathan Erwin, EVP CloudNine Sales and Marketing. He continued, “Client satisfaction and performance on these highly available solutions prompted the acceleration of CloudNine’s creation.”

CloudNine runs on a standards-based architecture utilizing world-class technologies from providers such as VMware, Radware (NYSE: RDWR), HP, Fortinet, Cisco and others.’s internal developers and solution architects worked closely with these manufacturers and others to stretch the boundaries of virtualization and provide a client-centric, easy-to-use cloud computing platform…

Идея может быть весьма продуктивна, например, для инсорсеров, оказывающих услуги по предоставлению ИТ-сервисов предприятиям в рамках крупных холдингов. Буду рад обсудить организацию подобного сервиса с ними и хостинг-провайдерами в России и СНГ…

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