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VMware купит Red Hat!?

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Любопытные слухи распространяет ColdFusion Developer’s Journal:

Because of its slow growth – a factor of the freebie open source business model – Red Hat has become fodder for Wall Street acquisition speculation, BusinessWeek says, and offers VMware as a possible suitor. Such an acquisition would give VMware the operating system it’s lacking, make its products cheaper and make it a more viable competitor against Microsoft – or so the theory goes.

BusinessWeek claims to have heard from "some industry executives" that VMware is looking for an operating system and says ousted VMware CEO Diane Greene "had set up meetings with Red Hat in part to position VMware as friendly to open source and possibly as a prelude to a buyout discussion."

Мне пока что не приходилось слышать, чтобы кто-то ожидал от VMware сервиса, предоставляемого многоцелевыми ОС. А вы что думаете: нужна ли VMware своя ОС на базе Red Hat?

Is VMware Buying Red Hat?

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