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Вакансия: специалист по продаже решений VMware (Partner System Engineer)

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У нас есть хорошая и достаточно срочная вакансия для специалистов по продаже инфраструктурных решений. Оригинальное название: Partner System Engineer

Поскольку одной ссылкой трудно отправить на наш рекрутинговый сайт ( > Select Location=Russia > Select Search = список открытых позиций), то воспроизвожу здесь описание позиции. Мы работаем с самыми большими организациями со стороны клиентов и партнеров и делаем очень интересные проекты, демонстрирующие быстрые и эффективные результаты для наших заказчиков. Если вам интересно работать на одном из самых быстро растущих ИТ-рынков, вы умеете продавать и делать proof-of-concept проекты, то присылайте мне CV (мкозлофф на развитие бизнеса.ру) и мы назначим интервью в самое ближайшее время.


Job Description:
Provide support to the VMware sales team and channel partners in pursuit of virtual infrastructure business opportunities. Gain prospects’ technical recommendation to develop a business relationship with VMware and its channel partners. Expected to help drive enterprise business. Must perform a variety of tasks including product overviews, customized presentations and demonstrations, complex solution design, infrastructure surveys, proposal development, advanced product evaluations and product feature/benefit discussions.

The SE, working with the Partner Business Manager for Russia, is responsible for technically qualifying opportunities, ensuring the success of ongoing proof-of-concepts, and working with Engineering and Product Management to improve the products and ensure market readiness. He will work closely with VMware’s OEM and reseller partners to assist with product integration, answer product questions, and accelerate hardware and software compatibility testing.

• Present VMware product features and benefits to Managers and Director Level prospects as well as Systems Managers and Administrators.
• Provide technical information about the VMware product family and be able to describe customized solutions to address complex customer requirements, utilizing VMware and partner products and professional services.
• Must be able to describe VMware’s key messages and vision and discuss key benefits for our customers.
• Must have experience presenting to large audiences such as symposiums and seminars

• Must be located in Moscow and have work experience in Russia and the Ukraine.
• General industry and product knowledge.
• Must maintain current knowledge of complete VMware product set and be able to describe key features and benefits of each.
• Must be recognized and utilized as a technical resource within the region.
• Knowledge and demonstrated proficiency with at least one major server operating system (UNIX/Linux or Windows Server): good working knowledge of Windows Server OSs (minimum Windows XP Professional).
• Good understanding of Virtualization concepts.
• Strong verbal and written communications skills as well as effective human relations skills, a pro-active approach to the sales process and professional presentation skills are required.
• Strong understanding of Enterprise technology including SMP servers, storage arrays, storage networking, network protocols, and general connectivity in multi-platform enterprise environments.
• General competitive positioning knowledge is essential.
• Solid experience of open systems administration and management, technical sales or consulting.
• Excellent presentation skills.
• Communicates effectively verbally; communicates clearly in writing
• Prioritizes and organizes work to achieve goals and expectations
• Keeps abreast of developments in work area and organization
• Creative – thinks ‘outside of the box’
• Establishes positive working relationships – internal and external
• Demonstrates high ethics and integrity is respected
• Fluent in Russian and English. Additional European languages are an advantage.

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