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Известный факт, но все же…

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… если кому-то нужны цифры, почему SQL безопаснее чем Oracle, отчет опубликован здесь [PDF].

Если коротко, то соотношение выявленных и исправленных (!) уязвимостей в Oracle 8,9,10 против SQL 7, 2000, 2005 в период с 2001 по 2006 годы выглядит так:


Для пытливых умов сразу даются ответы на очевидные вопросы:

Interpretation of results – some Q and A

Do Oracle’s results look so bad because it runs on multiple platforms?

No – pretty much most of the issues are cross-platform. In the 10gR2 graph every flaw affects every platform.

Do the SQL Server 2005 results have no flaws because no-one is looking at it?

No – I know of a number of good researchers are looking at it – SQL Server code is just more secure than Oracle code.

Do you have any predictions on the Oracle January 2007 Critical Patch Update?

Maybe – NGSSoftware are currently waiting for Oracle to fix 49 security flaws – these will be fixed sometime in 2007 and 2008.

Do these results contain unfixed flaws?

No – only those that have been publicly reported and fixed are in the data.


Источник: Which database is more secure? Oracle vs. Microsoft, David Litchfield, 21st November 2006

А вы что думаете?

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