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>>> Microsoft Crashes IBM Lotus Party with Migration Tools

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Вышли новые средства для интеграции/миграции с Lotus на Microsoft Office Server System 2007 (Exchange и SharePoint). Как раз к очередной Lotusphere :-)  

На эту тему забавная статья в eWeek, например:

Microsoft said some of its partners, such as Relavis, which used to be an exclusive IBM partner, are basing new practices on the Microsoft platform.

"I think today is a great time to switch to Microsoft’s collaboration platform," said Jay Lendl, Microsoft Practice vice president for Fujitsu Consulting, the consulting and services arm of the $40.6 billion Fujitsu Group and a Microsoft strategic global system integrator, in a statement. "We believe that whether you are a large or small company, this platform will deliver unprecedented predictability, rich features and cost-effective solutions for customers."

Indeed, Microsoft maintains that more and more companies are making the move to its unified communication and collaboration platform because of its integrated set of capabilities as well as new innovations including support for wikis, RSS feeds, blogs, social networking tools, unified messaging and VOIP (voice over IP) integration. And according to analyst estimates, Microsoft represented 52 percent of the integrated collaborative environments market revenue in 2005 and experienced double-digit growth year over year the two years before.  


Microsoft Crashes IBM Lotus Party with Migration Tools

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