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Gartner: Microsoft’s Exchange 2007 Could Set the Future for E-Mail

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Gartner выпустил специальный отчет по Exchange 2007. Насчет "может" – это они, кажется, осторожничают !?

Key Findings

Unified communications. With the inclusion of voice mail and fax capabilities, as well as integration with the voice components of Office Communications Server (OCS), Exchange 2007 moves from e-mail-only services to support for a broad spectrum of communication technologies.

  • Expansion of access mechanisms. Exchange 2007′s Direct Push mobile e-mail services, improved browser access, and voice interfaces to e-mail and calendar services will broadly expand the availability of rich e-mail services.

  • Message control. Driven by an increase in regulations, and concerns over e-mail abuse and more aggressive record management programs, Exchange 2007 will add facilities for greater control of e-mail by allowing all messages (outbound or inbound) to be interrogated prior to delivery.

  • Hosted messaging services. Some license options for Exchange 2007 include use of Microsoft-hosted, Internet-based spam and virus filtering services. Other Microsoft email hosting services such as continuity, archiving and encryption are also available.


    Volume adoption of Exchange 2007 will begin in earnest in 2008, with the installed base reaching 40% in 2010 (0.7 probability).


    Via Exchange and Hotmail/MSN, Microsoft has more influence on the e-mail market and, consequently, the unified communications market, than any other vendor.

    Organizations must coordinate relevant Exchange plans with overall investments in collaboration and communication technologies, including voice.

  • Organizations should also coordinate communication investments — such as e-mail and voice — with overall infrastructure plans, including databases, directories, portals, management services and development methodologies.


    Полный отчет: 

    Microsofts Exchange Could Set Future of Email.pdf

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