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Объявлены рекомендации по объему хранения и индексирования в SharePoint 2007

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50 000 000 документов на одном индексе!

За неделю до сдачи в производство Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 объявлены максимальные пределы производительности для хранения и индексации документов.

В стандартных версиях на одном индексе в зависимости от аппаратных возможностей SharePoint 2007 поддерживает до 50 миллионов документов. При этом SharePoint поддерживает множественные индексы (до 20 для SharePoint Server 2007, но 1 для SharePoint Server 2007 for Search) и внедрения с объемом хранения, превышающим 50 млн. без искусственных технических ограничений.

Группа разработки обещает свою поддержку по доработке клиентам, которые смогут преодолеть эти рекомендации :-)

Для полноты картины приведу короткий FAQ

Q: What is a ‘document’ in terms of Search?

A: A document can be anything from a Word or PowerPoint file, to a web page, an individual SharePoint list item, one people entry, or an SAP customer record. 

Q: Does a very large document count as more than one item?

A: No.  For example, a 10KB Word file and a 10MB Word file are each considered one document.

Q: What is considered to be an ‘average document size’?

A: This really depends on the content sources and file types that make up a customer’s corpus – so no real ‘average document size’ can be given for all customers.  With Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, we now index individual list items (this was not the case with WSS 2.0).  As a result, in environments where WSS 3.0 lists are used heavily, these many small ‘documents’ can reduce the average document size to as  low as 10KB.  Customers making limited use of WSS 3.0 lists will most likely see a larger average document size, based on the overall composition of their corpus.

Q: What is the maximum number of indexes supported by SharePoint Server 2007?

A: SharePoint Server 2007 supports a maximum of 20 indexes. SharePoint Server 2007 for Search (Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition) support one index only.


SharePoint Server 2007 for Search (Enterprise Edition) also has an out of the box maximum recommended document limit of 50 million documents in a single index, dependent on hardware.  There is no technically enforced document limit for SharePoint Server for Search (Enterprise Edition), however, it is limited to one index only.

SharePoint Server 2007 for Search (Standard Edition) has an imposed limit of 500,000 documents and is limited to one index only.

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