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По мнению Гартнер Microsoft #1 в средствах безопасности для электронной почты (E-Mail Security Boundary)

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Мне, если честно, не очень понятны критерии, по которым Гартнер разрабатывает свои волшебные квадраты. Немного магии и вот он – наш победитель -:) Однако независимых сравнений на рынке не так уж много, что бы не обращать внимание хотя бы на некоторые из них :-) :

Magic Quadrant for E-Mail Security Boundary, 2006 

“Given its installed base of Exchange e-mail infrastructure users and the acquisitions of Sybari (soon to be called Forefront for Exchange) and Frontbridge (now called Exchange Hosted Services) — in addition to original investments in native anti-spam filtering — Microsoft is poised to become the de facto leader in the e-mail security market. Although its current market share is middling, it will be difficult to compete with the addition of anti-spam and antivirus services as part of both standard and enterprise licenses for Exchange 2007.”

Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for E-Mail Security Boundary, 2006


Magic Quadrant for E-Mail Security Boundary, 2006

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