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Подкаст: Virtualization in SAP environments

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Думаю, что многим может быть интересно послушать про опыт виртуализации приложений SAP:

This podcast, led by virtualization expert Christopher Carter, digs into specific strategic issues pertinent to virtualization in SAP environments. Learn how SAP applications can be optimized for a virtualized environment, how to integrate third-party virtualization technology with SAP and how to achieve business agility via virtualization. Highlights include: "Why is virtualization important for SAP customers?" and "How do virtualization technologies work together in SAP environments?"

In this podcast, listeners will:

  • Discover which SAP virtualization software is less expensive, and which is faster to install.
  • Find out what percentage of their hardware can be eliminated due to virtualization.
  • Understand how virtualization drives down the total cost of owning SAP.

Virtualization in SAP environments:Podcast

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