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Verari Systems Announces Blade-Based Solution that Doubles VMware Virtual Machines and Power Efficiency

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В новостях увидел любопытное сообщение про решение калифорнийского партнера VMware – Verari Systems. Сочетание новых процессоров с низким энергопотреблением с возможностями шасси (вмещает до 72 лезвий) позволяют удвоить количество виртуальных машин на лезвии с одновременной двукратной экономией по питанию. Из пресс-релиза:

VMware ESX 3.5 certified blade solution delivers 2X the number of VMware images while consuming 50% less power than competitor’s blade offering.BR2-XL

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – July 22, 2008 – Verari Systems, a premier developer of energy efficient data center consolidation platforms utilizing independent blade-based computing and storage solutions, and VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program member, today announced that the Verari Systems’ VB1257 VMware ESX 3.5 certified blade delivers twice the number of VMware virtual machines per blade than similar competitive blade offerings while consuming 50% less power. On a per VMware image basis, the VB1257 for the BladeRack® 2 XL (BR2-XL) platform provides significantly better total cost of ownership than any competing blade server products. VMware provides TAP program members with tools to develop products that are complementary to VMware virtualization software and help deliver high-value solutions to our joint customers.

The Verari Systems’ VB1257 blade is certified on VMware ESX 3.5 and powered by the latest low power Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processors. When combined with the BR2-XL platform, the solution delivers twice the number of VMware virtual machines with industry-leading energy efficiency, density and scalability while significantly reducing operational expenses.

"The VB1257 blade effectively leverages VMware virtualization to solve the problems known in the data center today such as server sprawl, power and cooling issues, and operating costs, enabling customers to achieve greater density and server utilization," said Bernie Mills, senior director, alliances programs at VMware. "We are pleased that Verari Systems is helping to deliver added value to customers with innovative technology combined with the significant business benefits of VMware virtualization, including lower capital and operating expenses, business continuity, strengthened security and reduced energy consumption."

"The practical benefits of well-executed VMware installations have received much coverage and include lower capital and operating expenses, improved floor space efficiency and contributing to the demand to be ‘greener’ that is so prevalent these days," said Mark Peters, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Those same benefits can be extended by users who choose to combine the software with hardware platforms – exemplified by Verari Systems’ BladeRack 2 server and storage systems – that have a similar focus and can deliver benefits in the same area. Verari Systems’ platforms can run twice the usual number of virtual machines per blade which means not only less capital expense for users, but also reductions in the associated ongoing operational and environmental costs. Verari Systems has reported strong demand for its BladeRack 2 platforms; most likely this is driven by giving users an attractive combination of technologies that combine with VMware to help deliver even stronger business value."

В России и СНГ никто из местных OEM пока не демонстрировал большого внимания к решениям виртуализации, и это на фоне огромного роста интереса со стороны заказчиков и наличия соответствующего предложения со стороны крупнейших международных производителей серверов. Пример Verari ИМХО показывает, что даже в США, где конкуренция существенно выше чем у нас, виртуализация дает локальным сборщикам возможность выделится и начать позиционировать себя для решения понятных бизнесу проблем.

А вы что думаете?

Verari Systems – News – The Leader in Blade Based Solutions for the Data Center

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