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Доля рынка VMware в США выросла на 12%

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Мне часто задают вопрос: какая у VMware доля рынка. Ответить на него помогают результаты независимых исследований. Вот, например, какая картина наблюдается на рынке в США. Результаты опроса 1956 представителей департаментов ИТ компанией ChangeWave Research.


Paul Carton, director of research at ChangeWave Research, said, "Overall corporate software spending is still trending downwards in the U.S., although we see increased spending on virtualization software, with VMware strengthening its domination over this market. None of VMware’s competitors have shown anything like their level of growth.

VMware strengthened its domination over the market with its share rising 12% in the latest ChangeWave survey (from 58% in January to 70% currently). According to the survey, none of the other virtualization vendors exhibited this skyrocketing growth rate like VMware...


New research report shows increased spending on virtualization | InfoWorld | Weblog | May 27, 2008 | By David Marshall

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